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Activated Charcoal Soap

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Activated Charcoal Soap cleanses, purifies, and moisturizes the skin with its active ingredient. This soap is a natural detoxifier which works as an active ingredient to remove impurities and deep-down dirt from the skin to keep it smooth, supple, and toned.


1. The absorption properties of activated charcoal benefits our skin by sucking out all the impurities and pollutants present in the pores

2. Treats oily skin by absorbing excess oils. You can notice an oil-free look on your face and body

3. Reduces body acne by absorbing sebum and debris from your skin pores

4. Works like a mild exfoliator to buff away dead cells, along with accumulated dirt on the skin

5. Shrinks your skin pores and make them less noticeable


CHARCOAL SOAP that works to treat acne and detoxify the skin by removing dirt and oils. The soap contains activated charcoal as the key ingredient, which is renowned for its skin-clearing properties

How To Use ?

Gently rub the soap on your wet body. Massage & form a rich lather. Then wash off thoroughly using luke warm water

Customer Reviews

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This soap is perfect for my skin and absorbing oils in my skin. this is very good product 👌

Ramya k


Ashwini R

i recevied my order charcoal soap is too good for my skin that's my forth order 👍🤩

Charcoal soap

Posting this honest review after using charcoal soap,
This is absolutely an superb product , this soap has an natural fragrance and looks fresh after washing the face and also day by day by using this soap the skin texture is also improving . Trust worthy product to all people who want's to buy this soap 🤩


charcoal soap is too.. good💯 and remove dark spots on my skin and smell is very good💖