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Aloe Vera Gel 50 gm

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Aloevera - the magical ingredient - is used in many skin care products because of its skin-friendly properties. Aloevera gel makes the skin healthy and glowing with its skin soothing properties. With numerous benefits, this gel keeps your skin hydrated, moisturized and nourished. It also acts as a shield to protect the skin from impurities

🔸@aara_organics here's our ALOEVERA GEL that is extracted from aloe vera leaves, provides essential nutrients to make your skin healthy, nourished, free from inflammation and irritations.



1. Has non-greasy and lightweight nature makes it suitable for all skin types
2. Helps in reducing blemishes, moisturizes, brightens and smoothens skin
3. Also, it reduces acne breakout and cleanses the skin
4. Revitalises and softens the dry & dehydrated skin due to too much exposure to sunlight
5. Works against skin irritation
6. Detoxifies , repairs and boosts skin's radiance
7. When used for hair, treats dandruff, reduces hair damages & split ends.


How To Use ?

🌵To reduce acne, take some aloe vera gel, apply on your cleansed skin

🌵Use Aloevera Gel to mix with @aara_organics Face Packs & Hair Packs

🌵Mix equal quantity of aloe vera gel and @aara_organics Hair Growth Oil. Apply as hair pack, leave for 45 minutes or so. Wash off using @aara_organics Arappu powder or shampoo. This will give you smooth, strong and bouncy hair

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