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Hair Growth Oil

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It's important to remember that products are only as good as the ingredients they contain. Our Hair Growth Oil is made of powerful, natural ingredients like Amla, Hibiscus, Curry leaves and essential oil which help you combat any underlying causes of hair loss such as a flaky scalp or dandruff. We're here to remind you that it's not just your hair that needs some tender love and care.


1. It provides your locks with nourishment and protection all the way to the hair shaft.
2. Will gradually restore your hair’s color and prevent further greying.
3. It can stop hair loss and increase growth and actuallythicken your individual hair strands
4. Helps in reducing hair fall and effectively makes your hair healthy and strong.
5. Also helps the hair gain strength and improves hair quality


❖ Hibiscus
❖ Amla
❖ Curry leaves
❖ Henna leaves
❖ Arasampattai
❖ Vetiver
❖ Avarampoo
❖ Sesame oil and 4 more important ingredients

How To Use ?

Apply the oil on scalp & hair, gently massage for few minutes. Allow it to soak for 30-45 minutes (Can be left overnight for best results). Rinse off using Aara Organics Hibiscus Shampoo

Customer Reviews

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Revathi Prema

Hair Growth Oil

Suvetha S

Hair Growth Oil

Abdul Abdul

Hair Growth Oil

Jimmu Kutty

amazing the smell of the oil very nice
it promote myh hair growth very well

Sushmitha Anand
Good quality

Super product I'm 4th order hair growth oil super result .