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Hair Growth Shampoo

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Healthy hair is a dream for many. A well- nourished hair is a part of our everyday look. If you're struggling with excess hair loss, remember you're not alone. Whatever may be the reason, whether it is a stress-induced shedding, postpartum thinning, hormonal hair loss, etc a saviour is there for you..

Here's our HAIR GROWTH SHAMPOO that is made with effective ingredients such as Shikakai, Amla, Hibiscus, Black seed, Pumpkin Seeds, Fenugreek, etc which helps with hair growth by strengthening the hair shaft, reducing hair breakages, and cleaning the scalp gently


1. Keeps hair hydrated, and offers exceptional all-day softness and shine

2. Contain three powerful seeds - Kalonji Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Fenugreek Seeds - that improve the fullness and thickness of your hair

3. Promotes new hair growth and makes your hair more manageable by controlling frizz

4. The sulfate-free formula of ayurvedic ingredients gives plump strands for an instant volumizing effect

5. Gently cleanses the scalp, unclogs follicles and stimulates hair growth

6. Strengthens hair roots, volumises hair and reduces hair breakages

7. Encourages circulation and improves hair elasticity


How To Use ?

Massage into damp hair, give a gentle massage, rinse thoroughly. Use it consistently with our Hair Growth Oil for best results

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Excellent Product 🥰 it controls hair fall and breakage , good result 💙