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Acne Face wash

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There’s no one-size-fits-all option to address acne — but a good place to start is with the right acne face wash that helps to balance skin's pH.

Here's our ACNE FACE WASH, that is made of Neem, Tulsi, Tea Tree oil, Vitamin E Oil, which is a gentle sulfate l-free, oil-free, phthalate-free, and paraben-free pH-balanced face wash, reduces the inflammation caused by acne, and hydrates the skin


1. A mild and effective cleanser for acne, prevents recurrence of acne

2. Works on healing cystic or severe acne conditions on consistent usage

3. Naturally removes dead cells and increases cellular turnover to reveal new skin

4. It won’t dry out the skin and keeps your skin hydrated and excess oils free

5. Works to clear acne and blackheads. Calms the skin by reducing inflammations and redness due to acne

6. Keep pores from becoming blocked due to dirts and grimes


How To Use ?

Massage into damp skin, rinse thoroughly. Use it consistently with our Anti-acne Serum for best results

Customer Reviews

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Harithra V
acne face wash

awesome smell 💜 this face wash completely removes acne and pores on my skin💟💙 and also makes my skin fresh and bright 😍💙💙💙 tq u mam💚💟💟💟