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Baby Bath Powder

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Baby Bath Powder is the best natural daily bathing solution for your babies. Aara Baby Bath Powder is formulated with the anti-microbial and skin protective Ayurvedic botanicals, and is enriched with the anti-microbial properties. This gentle daily bathing solution is non-toxic, 100% plant-based, and free from toxic chemicals and contaminants. It is perfect for your baby’s delicate skin, and is made to be used daily.


1. Controls skin inflammations
2. Maintains the body’s natural pH levels
3. Heals rashes and acts as a natural toner
4. Cleanses skin gently
5. Reduces ingrown hair
6. Gives your baby’s skin a natural shine
7. Keep your baby's skin soft, smooth and healthy


Our Baby Bath Powder is made of key ingredients like Green Gram, Almonds, Vettiver, Aavarampoo, Baby Bath Powder Ingredients Almonds, Vettiver, Aavarampoo, Desi Roses, Saffron etc

How To Use ?

1. Take the required quantity of the bath powder in a clean bowl, mix with plain water or milk. Apply on baby's face and body. Gently massage for few seconds slowly. Wash off using luke warm water
2. You can use only baby bath powder instead of soaps
3. For best results, use it along with Aara Organics - Baby Massage Oil

Customer Reviews

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M Karthika

good result ...🤞🤞

Nivedha Somasundaram
Baby bath powder

It make baby skin softer and make skin glowing