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Foot Cream

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Aara Foot Cream is the natural way to treat dry and rough feet. Aloe Vera is a natural moisturizing agent, while papaya skin exfoliates dead skin cells gently, promoting natural skin renewal. Our foot cream is designed with a comfortable, natural and non-greasy cream.


we have formulated moisturising FOOT CREAM to deeply penetrate into the skin & hydrates your feet everyday


It is made of ingredients like:
*Coconut butter - Has Lauric acid that treats skin inflammations & fights infections on feet
*Olive oil - Treats hard & callused feet
*Almond oil - It has powerful antifungal properties that prevents athletes foot & ring worm infections
*Vit E - Neutralizes free radicals & collagen damages and fastens healing process
& other skin nourishing oils

How To Use ?

1. Wash your feet & take small quantity of @aara_organics FOOT CREAM
2. Dab few dots on foot & massage in circular motions
3. Massage gently till the cream gets absorbed

Customer Reviews

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suganya karthick
foot cream

smells good...👌this is my second order for my mother😍

foot cream

Thank you AARA... this Is My 1st ORDER....🤩😘 thank u for ur products.....👌🏻✌🤗 ur foot cream was simply amazing.....😊🥰👏 it removes the death skin cells in my foot....✌🤗 it makes my rough skin to smooth skin....😘🤞👌 keep rocking AARA.....☺☺👍

foot cream

Hii mam 🥰 i mam using ur foot cream past 2weeks its really super🤩it remove crack in my foot and also a best moisturizing cream🤩🥰💕