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Turmeric Soap

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Aara Turmeric Soap cleanses your skin and imparts a radiant glow that makes you feel more confident. Our handmade soap has fresh cleansing properties that gets rid of the dirt and improves your overall skin healthiness. It can remove oil and dead skin cells keeping your skin smooth as well. Our energising turmeric handmade soap naturally scrubs away grime so you can say goodbye to clogged pores and also get rid of dead cells for a healthy glow. It has been made with natural ingredients including 100 percent pure essentials oils so it won't irritate your skin even more - but rather gently give it a boost in health whilst exfoliating the body.


1. Helps with skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema
2. Has wound healing properties
3. Fades dark spots on skin and heals body acne
4. Revitalize skin cells
5. Provides relief from skin rashes


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Sri Sri

One of the best soap acne porne skin must try this soap